3 Rules When You’re in the Fight …

  1. 3Don’t admire your work
    If you have been training that’s great. You’ve spent time learning things like strikes, counters, escapes, throws, and maybe even weapon use. You’ve gained the knowledge and lost the fear. Suddenly one day you’re in the fight, you’re being attacked. You gain proper body position and strike. You maintain your balance, your strike hits its mark and your attacker goes down. It’s the first time you had to put your training to the test and your first thought is “WOW, it really worked.”  Just then you get blindsided by the attacker’s buddy.  Never stop to admire your work. It may cost you.
  2. Don’t worry about what doesn’t work
    Violent encounters are chaotic situations. Your training will help you keep a certain amount of calm, since you have a plan and know where you want to be. You know how and where you want to strike. You know what the result of that strike should be.  However, there’s one law that sometimes cannot be avoided…Murphy’s Law !  Strikes will miss.  You may not get the preferred body position, and you may even lose your balance momentarily. In those moments you may become discouraged, and you may stop working just for a moment. You will have created an opening for your attacker.  Your attacker will seize that moment to attack and you’ll be behind the eight ball. Again, this may cost you.
    When in doubt, strike, strike, and strike some more.  As you do so you will find that preferred body position. You’ll maintain balance, and when there is a target area open on your attacker it will be like a spotlight is shining on it. You strike, move and overwhelm your attacker with the blanket of violence. You may not even remember exactly what you did to prevail. Good, it should be automatic and instinctive.

Remember, when you’re in the fight…

  • Don’t admire your work
  • Don’t worry about what dosen’t work

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