The Funnel of Violence

Imagine the shape of a funnel. Large and open at the top, and tapering down to a small also tapering tube ending in a hole. Now, when dealing with a possible violent encounter most people will be at the top of the funnel. There’s plenty of room at the top of the funnel. This represents […]

Survival & Defense for International Travel

You might be saying…. “Come on now when I travel abroad its a vacation. The last thing I wanna think about is a violent encounter.” Here’s your first choice.  You can wait till your on the street getting your teeth kicked out, choking on your own blood and wish you knew what to do and hope someone will save you.Here’s […]

3 Rules When You’re in the Fight …

Don’t admire your work If you have been training that’s great. You’ve spent time learning things like strikes, counters, escapes, throws, and maybe even weapon use. You’ve gained the knowledge and lost the fear. Suddenly one day you’re in the fight, you’re being attacked. You gain proper body position and strike. You maintain your balance, your […]

Self-Defense Technique Number 263

I’m always talking to people about the need to learn how to defend themselves, and the laws that pertain to that in their state. Many times people end up asking me “How do I defend myself against a punch?” or “What do I do if I’m attacked with a knife?” I understand what they want […]