Defending Another Person

Fight Breaking Out Amongst Gang MembersYou’ve been training to defend yourself and your getting comfortable with it. Now it’s time to think about something you may not be comfortable with. Defending someone other than yourself. This can be a family member, a total stranger, or even a law enforcement officer. Recently there was a video on the news showing a TSA agent being assaulted. The attacker had the agent in a head lock. Suddenly an off duty police officer steps in separates the attacker from the agent and then subdues the attacker till help arrives. The officers actions were swift and decisive. One of the reasons why is because police officers intervene in violent attacks on a regular basis. They are already committed to stepping in and helping others, whether its another officer or a complete stranger. This is a decision you must make before ever being in that situation. If not, you will hesitate as you decide to get involved physically or not. In a violent encounter time and distance (distance equals time) or the lack thereof could determine life or death for the person being attacked. This is why you must decide before an incident if you are even willing to get involved in a physical way.

At the bare minimum you should dial 911 and take note of who is doing what, if any weapons are present, and the attackers descriptions. Things like precise location are important when calling 911 during an assault. Of course if you have been training, situational awareness has become second nature to you. If you do make the decision that you are going to get physically involved if another person is being attacked, start training it. This includes learning your local laws pertaining to being a Good Samaritan. Some states have laws that protect you from certain liabilities. Some do not. Be aware of the law as it pertains to any possible action you may take.

Next you should be training with others in different scenarios that you will typically come across. Using actual scenarios that have happened is great. In doing this you will learn quickly the possible dangers of defending someone else and how to deal with them. Remember, many times there will be more than one attacker. You must learn to quickly asses the situation and determine how to approach if at all possible. You must also make a quick assessment of who is the attacker and who is the victim. You need to train your physical techniques from the positions you may find yourself in as a bystander. Side, rear, off angle in front. You will find during your training that the victims position may negate some techniques you would normally use. By training with others in this way, when you are confronted with a situation where someone is being attacked and you intervene physically, your actions will be as quick and decisive as the off duty officers in the above incident. Because you will have done it countless times before in your training.

Remember, there are no guarantees. When you dive into the pool of violence you will get wet. The difference is, if you train you won’t drown. As with all these blogs, this is just scratching the surface. My purpose is to get you thinking about how to train to survive in an ever increasingly violent world. Continue training, both mental and physical, and if your in South Florida learn more and bleed less by training at Combat Cross Self Defense School.

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