“I’ll just shoot him.”

“I’ll just shoot him.”

terminator-terminator-AtariHow many times have you heard that. Or even worse, how many times have YOU said that. Unless your carrying a rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun, it may not be that easy. I’m no scientist but I’ve spent a good number of years dealing with violent people. I’ll speak from my own experience and observations I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to make.  Many people think that when they shoot an attacker that the attacker will fly back or fall to the ground dead or dying. THIS THINKING CAN GET YOU KILLED. Yes it’s true that after you shoot the attacker his action may stop. Especially if you catch him by surprise, it’s usually the hit or shot you don’t see coming that puts you down. However, if the attacker has entered the fight or flight, and decided to fight, it wont be so easy.  He too is fighting for his life.

If you don’t smother him with that blanket of violence he will cover the short distance between you and him.  After you shoot him, he’ll be on top of you in an instant. If he has a weapon such as a knife and is advancing quickly on you even after you shoot him, he can still stab you multiple times and kill you. You may have no choice other than to transition to empty hand methods to stop his action, create distance and return to your primary weapon. If the attacker also has a gun, he will shoot at you just as you’re shooting at him.

You may think, I’ll shoot him in the head. First of all shoving a gun in someone’s face and pulling the trigger is much more difficult than you think. Then there’s the people that do the Matrix in a gunfight moving all around. The head is a small target when someone is also trying to shoot you and they are moving around. Your weapon may malfunction, you may run out of ammo. That’s right 16,17,20 rounds may not be enough, that’s a fact. Do you carry a reload? Do you practice malfunction drills? Right and left hand shooting and reloading?

The fact is that you may have to use empty hand methods such as those in SDTS before you even get enough distance to deploy that gun. Understand that in a violent confrontation there will be blood, there will be injury. The point is to make most if not all of that blood shed the attackers and not yours. You may ask, So what do I do? Have a multi layer defense. This may or may not include a gun.

Either way you WILL need to gain a skill set such as SDTS to have options when dealing with a life or death encounter in the streets. This way when things don’t go as planned you wont hesitate to act, cause injury, and survive what can be a life changing attack. It’s not romantic, it’s not fun. There is no glory. There is only survival.

Don’t depend on that gun, train with and without it. The video below is not to point out what the police did right or wrong. It’s just to show you what a determined attacker can do against several guns. Although the video is in Spanish, the main language spoken is the universal language of violence.  The attackers stabs at the police officers were so brutal that at 11:28 of the video you can see that the knife is bent. The attacker used the blanket of violence, blood was shed, life was lost.

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