Kubaton, Palm Stick, Yawara, Dulo Dulo – Part 1

keysWhat is it? The Kubaton is a small stick usually 5-7 inches long. This is one of the most underrated self defense weapons available today. It is one of my favorite self defense weapons. It’s just a small stick made of wood, plastic, or some kind of metal. Many times they have a key ring attached. I carry my kubaton as a key chain. The best weapon is the one you have. Most of us will not leave the house without our keys. This means you will always have your kubaton with you ready to use. However you carry your kubaton, you need to practice getting it in hand and ready for defense smoothly and quickly. The kubaton has a non threatening non weapon look. Most people just see a keychain.  This allows you to have an effective self defense weapon just about anywhere, even in plain sight without raising an eyebrow. There are also some everyday items that can double as a Kubaton. Things like a mini mag lite, a sharpie or similar marker, I’ve seen some mascaras that would make excellent kubatons. I’ve heard many times about using a pen as a Kubaton. Please be aware that if you do so, the pen may break when you strike possibly causing injury to your hand. You can even roll up a small magazine or similar publication and use it as a Kubaton. If you roll it up and bend it in half, the bent end becomes a very hard striking weapon.   If you have a little crafting skill you can make your own Kubaton. I make my own from 5/8ths hickory or oak dowls. I cut them to length, sand them down, give them a coat of poly, and finally add a keyring. In part 2 we will discuss targets areas when using the kubaton, and how to hold and strike with the kubaton.

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