Our South Florida Martial Arts & Self Defense


We offer South Florida an effective self defense program consisting of Arnis and military combatives. Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art. It is also sometimes referred to as Kali, escrima, or Arnis De Mano. The specific Arnis practiced here is Garimot Arnis. This is a family art with roots going back over 170 years in The Philippines. This martial art was born from combat. It was and still is used as a means of surviving violent encounters. It is not a sporting art. This martial art includes techniques utilizing empty hand, bladed weapons, (knife, short sword, machete), and sticks. The military combatives taught in conjunction with Arnis are the very same self defense techniques used by soldiers and law enforcement world wide to survive life and death encounters of all types. The methods used are easy to learn and natural to employ when your life is on the line.

Military combatives include, hand to hand, trips, sweeps, throws, brutally effective striking, as well as its own approach to stick and knife fighting. Also available is street combat handgun training. Combining elements of these methods of fighting means you will learn real self defense skills. These methods have and always will work to save lives during a violent encounter. Change your status from potential victim to survivor by calling our South Florida location to start your training today. We are located close to Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Davie, Copper City, Pembroke Pines, and Miami.