Self-Defense Technique Number 263


I’m always talking to people about the need to learn how to defend themselves, and the laws that pertain to that in their state. Many times people end up asking me “How do I defend myself against a punch?” or “What do I do if I’m attacked with a knife?” I understand what they want and I always do my best to provide them with solutions to the problems posed. Starting with not being in that position to begin with.

However this is like the old saying, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Whatever I show them MAY help them. However they would be restricted in their response to an actual attack. Why? Because most attacks are dynamic situations during which you will be the unfortunate recipient of multiple attacks from multiple positions and/or angles.  There may even be multiple attackers.

When you are in a defense situation there will not be enough time for you to recognize the type of attack being used and then remember the specific technique to use. Even if you were able to process that thought, more than likely you will have trouble executing that magical technique you were shown.  There are many truths you will learn during your training. One of the most important is that body position and range are going to dictate what you can and cannot do as far as strikes, throws, and counters.

You cannot predict where you will be in relation to your attacker once your in the fight. As you both move, you will recognize target areas that are exposed for you to destroy. How you do that will be automatic because you trained how to attack those target areas from that angle. When you recognize this, it will be like a spotlight shining on your attackers vulnerable areas directing you where to strike.

It will not matter how hard or fast you can hit if you’re not in range. At the same time you wont have to think about what block to use if you are out of your attacker’s striking range. Yes, it is possible to be out of your attackers range and for him to be WELL within YOUR striking range. When you realize that, then you will realize that there is no technique number 263. There’s only your body position and range in relation to your attacker  that will determine what strike to use.

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