Survival & Defense for International Travel

He feels the need for an assault rifle to be safe. What will YOU have?

He feels the need for an assault rifle to be safe. What will YOU have?

You might be saying…. “Come on now when I travel abroad its a vacation. The last thing I wanna think about is a violent encounter.” Here’s your first choice.  You can wait till your on the street getting your teeth kicked out, choking on your own blood and wish you knew what to do and hope someone will save you.Here’s your second choice, take the time to make a plan now. Learn how to defend yourself in any situation. Here in the U.S. we have a great first responder system. You dial 911 and help comes. It may not be perfect, but it’s there. In many other countries there is no 911. In fact in some instances there are no police anywhere near you.

Take responsibility for your own safety and train in realistic situations that you are likely to be confronted with. As always awareness andavoidance should be your first line of defense. The best defense to any attack is not to be there.

Learn about the culture of the country you are visiting have a basic understanding of what may constitute an insult, or what may be offensive. This sounds simple but many times a mere miscommunication can result in an assault.

Next in your plan should be the use of technology. If your phone is not international, get a local prepaid phone once your in country. Program the local phone number of the American Embassy just in case.

Next would be the use of weapons, improvised or not. Since you are travelling internationally your choices are very limited. If you have been training in the use of an impact weapon such as a stick or club, you can use a wooden cane as a substitute or even an umbrella. (there are umbrellas made for defense). Both of these can be formidable defense weapons, providing that you have taken the time to train in their use.

I can tell you from personal experience that you will be allowed on the plane with a cane. Of course if the cane has been modified to look like a weapon it may not be allowed. You don’t need all the extra edges, grips, and points I have seen added to canes. It’s a stick, use it like one. Next on the list could be a wooden palm stick. These are also known as kubaton, yawara stick, and other names. Again keep it simple and it wont alarm anyone. plain wood no keys no hole for a key ring, no metal what so ever. Put it in your check bag and carry it once your in country. If some authority wants to take it, give it to them. It’s just a 5 or 6 inch wooden dowel. You can always get or make another. You can even take a newspaper or thin magazine and roll it up, then bend it in half. The part that’s bent becomes a very hard impact surface use it in a hammer fist type strike. Of course this is something you would do in country not for the plane ride. These are some viable options for using weapons.

Next would be your last option, empty hand methods. Again, this is something that you will have to do prior to being in a potentially dangerous country. If you use common sense, avoidance, and awareness you should’nt have any problems and you will enjoy the experience of travelling to another country.

I enjoy travelling very much. The peace of mind that comes with having a plan should something go wrong will only enhance your experience. These are just a very small example of things you can do to keep safe when travelling internationally. Take the time and learn how to defend yourself  before you need it. After all, when you learn more, you bleed less.

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