Kubaton, Palm Stick, Yawara, Dulo Dulo – Part 1

What is it? The Kubaton is a small stick usually 5-7 inches long. This is one of the most underrated self defense weapons available today. It is one of my favorite self defense weapons. It’s just a small stick made of wood, plastic, or some kind of metal. Many times they have a key ring […]

Why do I need to learn self defense ?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when it comes to training in any self defense system or martial art. I could take the usual approach and provide you with a list of the latest statistics concerning crime and the likelihood of being assaulted during your lifetime. The problem with that is that […]

Defending Another Person

You’ve been training to defend yourself and your getting comfortable with it. Now it’s time to think about something you may not be comfortable with. Defending someone other than yourself. This can be a family member, a total stranger, or even a law enforcement officer. Recently there was a video on the news showing a […]

The Funnel of Violence

Imagine the shape of a funnel. Large and open at the top, and tapering down to a small also tapering tube ending in a hole. Now, when dealing with a possible violent encounter most people will be at the top of the funnel. There’s plenty of room at the top of the funnel. This represents […]

Self-Defense Technique Number 263

I’m always talking to people about the need to learn how to defend themselves, and the laws that pertain to that in their state. Many times people end up asking me “How do I defend myself against a punch?” or “What do I do if I’m attacked with a knife?” I understand what they want […]

“I’ll just shoot him.”

“I’ll just shoot him.” How many times have you heard that. Or even worse, how many times have YOU said that. Unless your carrying a rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun, it may not be that easy. I’m no scientist but I’ve spent a good number of years dealing with violent people. I’ll speak from […]

The Blanket of Violence

Surviving a violent confrontation is what self defense is all about. The easiest way to accomplish this is to be aware of your surrounding and the people around you. It may be a simple as not having your head buried in your phone texting as your walking to your car in a parking lot. It’s […]