The Blanket of Violence

The man with a knife in a hand. CloseupSurviving a violent confrontation is what self defense is all about. The easiest way to accomplish this is to be aware of your surrounding and the people around you. It may be a simple as not having your head buried in your phone texting as your walking to your car in a parking lot. It’s a lot easier to avoid being a victim than it is fight your way out of an attack. Walking with your head up and on a swivel makes you a harder target for a criminal to attack. You’re taking away the element of surprise. Not letting anyone distract you….not falling for the: “Hey have you got a light or a cigarette?” Pay attention to those red flags, that strange feeling you get around certain people or even certain locations. If you don’t feel right being somewhere or near someone, leave.

There are many other tips that cover awareness and avoidance. I’m not gonna get too in depth on them right now since that’s not what I wanna discuss. What I’m going to discuss is what happens when you have failed to be aware, when you have failed to avoid, and when you’re in the fight.

Let me say right now that unless you have a plan, unless you have trained for this very moment your options will be very limited. If that’s the case, you may just freeze and get victimized or even killed. You may just flail and be ineffective only slightly delaying the same outcome. It’s important that you take the responsibility to receive some training in how to defend yourself. That training should include the mental aspect of defense.

When someone attacks you they are trying to hurt you they want something from you. It could be your property, your body, or even your life. It’s not going to be enough to know how to defend yourself. In fact having a mindset of defense only could lead to you getting killed. Your not there to win a trophy or to tap them out. You’re gonna have to throw the blanket of violence on them and cause an injury to them as fast as you can. Cover them with the blanket of violence. Overwhelm them. THEY made the decision to attack you what happens to them should not concern you. DON’T hesitate to hurt them, if not they will most certainly hurt you.

Every time you touch them it should be with the intent to cause injury. Think of your arms as chainsaws and your gonna cut right through them. You have to tap that inner natural ability to be violent and use it. Remember when your fighting for your life your sensation of pain among other things will be less. You won’t know if it’s a punch or a stab, a fist or a hammer. You may not even feel significant pain after being shot. This is why you must act instantly. Don’t wait to act. Your time, if injured will be limited.This is not something I’ve read, it’s happened to me. The same will happen to them. Depending on pain, compliance may not work. I’ve seen it fail many times.  Don’t let that be your primary approach. You must cause actual injury.

This will stop their action at least long enough for you to then escape and dial 911 or at least create distance to deploy a weapon like pepper spray, an impact weapon, a meat cleaver, a gun or whatever else you may have at your disposal to aid in your escape. You want to escape. Don’t get caught up with defeating him and submitting him while you wait for help. HIS help may arrive before yours and then you will have to deal with multiple attackers. It sucks to get kicked by someone while your on the ground trying to subdue an attacker. It would be worse if you were stabbed while doing the same. These are all things that happen. When you’re in the fight, throw the blanket of violence on them and in the words of Carl Cestari: “Do your worst, fast and first.” You may get hurt, injured but you will survive. I don’t care what happens to your attacker and neither should you. As long as they can no longer attack you. Take care and be aware.

 This lady was dragged by her attacker in a Costco parking lot even after he got her purse in broad daylight. 

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