Why do I need to learn self defense ?

silhouettes fighting warriors are seen against the background of the rising sunThis is a question that many people ask themselves when it comes to training in any self defense system or martial art. I could take the usual approach and provide you with a list of the latest statistics concerning crime and the likelihood of being assaulted during your lifetime. The problem with that is that people are bombarded with statistics of one type or another on a constant basis. Trying to get you to decide one way or another on politics, or which bath soap to use. People have become desensitized to them. Our society is made up of many different sub-cultures. Martial artists, martialists, and other practitioners of combat skills are in one such sub-culture. For thousands of years, probably since the beginning of man, there have been those who have studied the weakness of the human body in order to take advantage of and defeat their adversary. That could be the result of competition for food, or in battles for land and other resources. It all comes down to the battle for survival. If you wanted to live, you sometimes needed to defeat another human physically to do just that. There was no law, no “civility” to guide behavior. Only the strong survived, and more often than not the strong included those who learned how to survive a violent encounter with another human. Those who were part of the above mentioned sub-culture.

Fast forward to today.

We are a “civilized” society with laws and morality to guide our behavior. Most work for what they need. When they get paid, if they need something they go buy it or even make it. We are socialized to follow these values and for the majority of people it works. Now I’m going to talk about another sub-culture that has probably also has been around since the beginning. The criminal sub-culture. In this sub-culture they are socialized to take not only what they need, but also what they want. They learn to take advantage of those who are smaller, weaker, physically or mentally. Those who they consider to be prey. When they want to get “paid” they look for the person who presents themselves as a victim. Those who are not aware of what’s happening around them, or appear afraid or unsure of what to do. The very people who rely solely on the laws, morality, and civility of others to keep them safe from physical harm. These are the victims. Are you one of them? Criminals pick you because you have something they want, and they are confident they will get it with little or no resistance. That something could be an object, or YOU. It can even be one of your family members. This is not a scare tactic, it’s fact. It has happened before, it’s happening now somewhere as you read this. It will happen in the future. Often times people don’t realize how precious life is until it’s being taken away. It’s so easy to lose, but it’s also easy to protect.

Trade some of that TV time, or some of that video game time for time to train in a self defense system. When you’re being split in two like a wishbone and some criminal is about to snuff the life out of you, it’s too late. Don’t wait to “get in better shape to train” do it now. If you can move, you can defend yourself. The criminals will not wait for you to get in shape. They are hungry now for what you have.

Most violent street encounters last only a few seconds.

Can you move for a few seconds? Then you can defend yourself. If your still reading this, there’s hope for your survival. In closing I offer this, I have had to survive violent encounters. I’ve had to fight for my life. I won’t lie to you, there is no “winning.”  Any violent encounter can tax you either physically or mentally. You need to make that cost to your attacker even higher. You will survive if you prepare through training. The best insurance you can provide for your loved ones is the assurance that you will be there for them. Don’t let some criminals hands around your throat be the wake up call. The alarm is ringing. Don’t hit snooze. Get up and train…….survive.

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