Your Self Defense Instructor

Arthur Marquez was a senior gunner in the U.S. Army, as well as being an Infantryman. He also served as an Infantry Drill Instructor. During the first Gulf War, he trained U.S. combat troops as a Sergeant. As a civilian, Arthur Marquez was a New York City Corrections Officer assigned to Rikers Island Jail where physical confrontation was a daily reality.Following that experience, he became a New York City Police Officer.  After being recruited to the Organized Crime Control Bureau as an undercover in some of the most dangerous areas in New York City, he worked his way through the Detective ranks to First Grade. This ranking is the highest rank one can hold as a Detective. During his undercover career, he infiltrated narcotics and firearms organizations working with Federal organizations such as the FBI, DEA and ATF.  During his police career he also trained undercover detectives in firearms and defensive tactics.


Arthur Marquez has been in life threatening situations countless times including close-combat gun fighting. He was awarded the Combat Cross for bravery under fire. It is the second highest medal in the New York City Police Department. Since his retirement from the police department, he has continued to advance his training. He has a unique kind of practical expertise in firearms and self defense learned through experience.
Arthur is a sought after instructor for law enforcement, military personnel, bodyguards and armed escorts in hand to hand combat. He has trained groups both internationally and domestically drawing from his own wealth of real world experience.